Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

  • Picture of some of the international participants on "10 working days"

    The art event series "10 working days" is from March 18.-27. It explores the impact of today's working conditions for artists.
  • Picture of Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen

    NTNU and TAF is offering guest lectures by outstanding architects
  • Picture of "Piren" by Anders Gunleiksrud and John Haddal Mork

    Student projects received Honorable mention at Trondheim Architecture Award ceremony
Picture of Sentral Building 1: NTNU/Ole Tolstad

About the faculty

Form and climate is essential in our research, innovation, art and education. We are seeking influence on societal development.

Priorities and goals

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Picture of a female student: NTNU/Ole Tolstad

Study at our faculty

Application deadline international applicants: January 15
Norwegian applicants: April 15
Master of Fine Art: February 10

Study programmes

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