Photo: Pasi Aalto (2014-08-08) International Conference Forum Holzbau Nordic:  "Building our future with Wood"  - Trondheim,  September 24-26. The Faculty is partner. Registration at the conference hompepage.

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Picture from the poster "Anne-Karin Furunes: Shadows"
(2014- 30-06) Art exhibition "Shadows" in Venezia:  Featured in the New York Times

Picture of Cory Arcangel
(2014-08-12) Guest lecture, Fine Art:  Cory Arcangel - August 20

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Illustration of a zero emission building. Photo: Mir/Snøhetta
(2014-04-08) Research at the Faculty:
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Picture of Jordi Colomer
(2014-08-12) Artist presentation on August 19:  Jordi Colomer

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