About the Faculty

Picture of a birdwatching tower
The Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art offers Norway's oldest and largest programme of study in architecture, with traditions dating back to the founding of NTH, the Norwegian Institute of Technology, in 1910. We also offer programmes of study in fine art, physical planning, real-estate development and facilities management. 

Architectural and artistic activities are central in the faculty, together with research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The activities of the Faculty range from the artistic to the technical, from developing architectural details in urban and regional planning and addressing challenges in local communities, to exploring global issues; from individual projects, inspired by curiosity, to major long term research in complex professional and academic environments.

The faculty offers ten programs of study and has ten academic focus areas.

Our educational philosophy is among other things to enable students to explore new territories and challenge their own boundaries. Read dean Fredrik Sheteligs speech to new students, autumn 2013

Strategy 2011-2020
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