• Picture of Naust på Aaure

    Tyin tegnestue that originated in the Faculty, has received "The European prize for architecture" and a number of other international architectural awards, and is internationally published.  Tyin tegnestue was established in 2008 while the founders Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad were students at our Faculty. They are now members of the Faculty's academic staff.


  • Picture of the study centre

    Three architect students from NTNU won the audience prize in the international architectural competition Architizer A + awards.  Ivar Tutturen, Trond Hegvold and Alexander Furunes initiated, designed and built a study center in Tacloban, the Philippines, with the local slum community and a charity called Streetlight. They are also internationally published.


  • Picture of Rake exhibition space

    RAKE exhibition space , was nominated and shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award 2013.
    It was build by  students who took part in a workshop called TreStykker, arranged to create a new exhibition space for art and architecture in Trondheim.


  • Picture of Seljord Watchtower

    Seljord Watchtower was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013. One of the  architects, Sami Rintala, is a member of the Faculty's academic staff. Seljord Watchtower  is one of several lookout points around the Seljord lake designed by  Rintala Eggertsson Architects.