Introduction programme - new students

- The Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

Tuesday, August 13

Part 1, 09.00: Matriculation event for the NTNU
Location: Central Gløshaugen

Part II: 12.00: Event for all new students at the Faculty
Location: Room 320, Central Building 1 (Alfred Getz vei 3, Gløshaugen)
(we recommend you to show up no later than at 11.45)

Open exhibition
Location: Drawing room 321, Central Building 1 (Alfred Getz vei 3, Gløshaugen)

Programs of study in Fine Art  have their own induction from August 14 (in Norwegian language)


Wednesday, August 14

Location: Auditorium S1, Central Building 1

  • Short presentation of NTNU - By Erik Sigvaldsen
  • What can Student Association in Trondheim do for you? - By Marit Rønning Lund
  • Student-what happens?  By Gunnar Parelius

12.00 -14.00
Location: Room 320, Central Building 1

  • A light meal
  • Presentation of the Faculty's departments
  • Presentation of the Student administration
  • Presentation of the Library
  • The students present themselves
  • Meet the godparents


Introduction - Master's programme in Architecture

After August 14 the Master's programme in Architecture has its own introduction programme.
Architecture.pdf  (In Norwegian language)

Pictures from NTNU, Gløshaugen