ZEB pilot Multikomfort Larvik. Illustration: Snøhetta/EVE

The faculty hosts two research centers on international top level:

In addition we have a leading role at NTNU in developing Smart and Sustainable Cities. We are leading the interdisciplinary Smart Cities group at NTNU: Smart and Sustainable Cities - NTNU

Our center on innovative learning, TRANSark, investigates the “next practice” in learning:  TRANSark - NTNU

Strategic focus areas

We have five strategic focus areas including research, artistic development, innovation and education

  • Cities of the future
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architecture and health
  • Art and culture as a pillar of society
  • Innovative learning

We are also a major contributor to NTNU's Strategic Research Areas: NTNU Sustainability, NTNU Health and NTNU Energy - for example within the topics:

Other major research areas at the faculty:

  • Art and Common Space
  • Light and color in architecture
  • Real Estate and Facilities Management
  •  Living arrangements and quality in residential environments
  • Theory of architecture, art and design
  • Wood as a building material
  • Building conservation and transformation
  • Design and building processes / architectural production

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