ZEB pilot Multikomfort Larvik. Illustration: Snøhetta/EVE

The faculty hosts two research centers on international top level:

In addition we have a leading role at NTNU in developing Smart and Sustainable Cities. We are leading the interdisciplinary Smart Cities group at NTNU: Smart and Sustainable Cities - NTNU

Our center on innovative learning, TRANSark, investigates the “next practice” in learning:  TRANSark - NTNU

Our center “Bygningsvernsenteret” works for sustainable use of the built heritage: Bygningsvernsenteret – NTNU (Norwegian Language)

The faculty is also partner in the center "Project Norway" conducting research on the construction process: Project Norway

We are partner in the research group “Conceptual Structural Design” that explores the platform between structural engineering and architectural design: Conceptual Structural Design

And we are hosting the “Light and Colour Group” conducting research on light and colour in Architecture.
Light and Colour Group

Strategic focus areas

We have five strategic focus areas including research, artistic development, innovation and education

  • Cities of the future
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architecture and health
  • Art and culture as a pillar of society
  • Innovative learning

We are also a major contributor to NTNU's Strategic Research Areas: NTNU Sustainability, NTNU Health and NTNU Energy - for example within the topics:

Other major research areas at the faculty:

  • Art and Common Space
  • Light and color in architecture
  • Real Estate and Facilities Management
  •  Living arrangements and quality in residential environments
  • Theory of architecture, art and design
  • Wood as a building material
  • Building conservation and transformation
  • Design and building processes / architectural production

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