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Liferay is proceeding well!

Liferay is proceeding well!

LiferayThe new publishing system chosen by NTNU, Liferay, shall according to the plans be available to all staff editing official web pages during the summer 2010. So far this prosject seems promising and proceeds according to plan. The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology has served as a pilot for this project and launched in early March its new web pages, for which Liferay has been used as the publishing system. The museum's experience so far seem to be very positive.

The goal of the museum's new web site has, beside improving the user experience and the availability, also been "to get back to the NTNU-family". The maintenance of the museum's old web turned out to be a process quite difficult to handle involving a lot of coordination work with an external company doing the actual updates. By a more user friendly publishing system their goals seem to have been fulfilled by this change. Here you can find a link to the museum's new web site.

The main objective of the Liferay project is to recreate the current external web by its existing content, but with an improved publishing tool available. It is emphasized that the current project is a migration project, hence new solutions and functionality are quite limited in the first release - even if a new publishing tool are offered. Publications may now be easier to access from Frida by the web services now being offered, i.e. the employees pages can be improved. The web masters will note a great improvement by the giant section street related to Escenic is being removed. In Liferay we relate exclusively to articles and web pages only.

The implementation project which started last summer is now doing performance testing of the system in the test environment - and has so far proved quite positive. Until now, configuration of Liferay has taken a lot of time in the project, but this work is now reaching the final end. Import of existing information from Escenic has also been quite time consuming. No impossible obstacles seem to be in the way, but rather many small problems to be fixed still exist.

In the near future focus will be on organizational involvement (education and communication regarding what needed to be done by the individual unit at NTNU before the system is put into operation), performance testing as well as moving content from the old to the new solution. This includes reprogramming of content from external sources via so-called portlets (personal information, etc.).

Read about the project's background and the choice of Liferay in this article previously published.

Prosjekt manager: Lars Meisingseth.

(Updated: 15-03-2010)




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