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Prestudy of the new intranet completed

Prestudy of the new intranet completed

Nytt intranettThe purpose of the prestudy project has been to clarify the needs related to a new intranet at NTNU, create a rough plan for the new system and suggest how it should be realized, managed and operated. The final report from the project is now available. The report has identified a number of needs for different types of functionality not covered by the present solution, which can help out making the job easier, more enjoyable and efficient for the individual.

The most importent tasks identified by the prestudy project are:

  • Easier access to information by greater transparency in the underlying professional systems.
  • Efficient search options in order to find resources (people, expertise, meeting rooms, documents) across organizational units.
  • Better organization of content through a greater focus on the type of information (topic based) and less on the organizational unit that "owns" the information.
  • Greater degree of user-generated content through commenting, tagging, blogging, etc.
  • A common calendar for everybody at NTNU.
  • Efficient tools for collaboration and knowledge sharing (communities, discussion forums, blogs, wikis etc.).
  • Selective addressing of information targeted the audience to whom the information is relevant.
  • Better support for work processes.

Please find the report from the prestudy project and read more. Follow what's going on in the Innsida 2.0 project by reading the project's blog (all in norwegian!).

See also the below article on the prestudy project published previously.




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