Backup - Service Description

BackupBackup of files ensures no loss of important data. At NTNU's two tape robots that take backups of your files. The capacity is very high, and the technical equipment is located so that it is insured against fire and water damage.


Daily backup
The service back up files that have changed since the last backup, and copies are recycled after 32 days. Every 28 days a full backup is performed, regardless of what has been changed in the period. This is called a monthly backup, and these are stored away for six months. A monthly replica is taken every 6th month and stored in a fireproof cabinet for five years.

Daily backup is suitable for data which is changed frequently.

NTNU IT offers assistance in connection with handling of data, or counseling in the backup service. Examples of such assistance can be retrieval of deleted files.

The customer's obligations and responsibilities
The customer is responsible for defining the backup data.

Aim of the service
100 percent of all backup data shall be possible to restore if needed.

Price of the service varies according to service level requested. The customer pays a fee per GB (gigabyte), depending on the desired storage level. There is also an initial fee of the service which covers the work to adapt the solution to the user.

If the server used for local backup is provided by NTNU IT, there is an annual fee per server and per GB of storage. Additional protection is priced individually in each case. Assistance is charged according to elapsed time at current rates.

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