NTNU IT is the central IT division at NTNU. Our main tasks are:

Sections and responsibilities

  • running collective and basic services for NTNU
  • developing web-based solutions for NTNU
  • advising the organisation regarding IT related questions

Central to our activity is our expert knowledge of development, administration and error handling with regard to networks, servers and applications.

The IT Division is lead by Håkon Alstad and organised under the Director of Organisation and Information.


The Division is divided into six sections that reflect the way we work with everything from IT infrastructure to application support, user support and customer contact. All units are involved in counselling.

The Service Desk Section

The Service Desk Section is responsible for enquiries from end-users, both employees and students. The section is also responsible for PC administration, central software agreements and distribution. The Head of Sections is Jan Ole Waagen.

The Customer and Delivery Centre

The Customer and Delivery Centre (CDC) is responsible for communication with contractors purchasing services from us. The Customer Centre has a vast knowledge of NTNU's activities, project management, service agreements and customer contact. The Head of Section is Hanne Merete Glad.

The Application Section

The Application Section ensures that all systems for which NTNU IT is responsible are available in accordance with agreements made with our contractors. The section also delivers development and integration services to ensure that NTNU has appropriate IT solutions. The section assists with system development and application administration. The Head of Section is Stein Stendahl.

The Network Section

The Network Section is responsible for the infrastructure and administration of the NTNU computer networks, both fixed and wireless. The section is also responsible for NTNU's telephony services, e.g. the  NTNU telephone directory. The Head of Section is Terje Buseth.

The Platform Section

The Platform Section runs and maintains basic IT services provided by NTNU IT to both students and employees. This includes e-mail, storage, backup, printing, servers, interaction solutions and terminal servers. The Head of Section is Ola Ervik.

Scientific Data Processing – NOTUR

NTNU is a part of the NOTUR project –  the Norwegian Metacentre for Computational Science. The Section for Scientific Data Processing is responsible for the NOTUR system at NTNU. The Head of Section is Bjørn Lindi.