Department of Civil and Transport Engineering

About the department

"Building a sustainable society"
 - A leading center for technology and knowledge within the field of civil and transport engineering.

Be an including and generous academic institution. 

  To be among the leading expertice within Europe in our academic fields. 

The department of Civil and Transport Engineering (BAT) belongs to the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, and is organized in fire research groups which contribute to both research and education. Research is often conducted a cross these research groups, and we have both national and international affiliates.

Continuing education:
Yearly the department holds continuing education courses and contributes with expertise in a wide range of industry-focused conferences. The conferences make it possible to widen academic and expertise networks as well as acquire valuable contacts useful for the daily work.

Student organizations:
Every program of study has its own student association which arranges a lot of events or happenings. These events or happenings can include everything from events of academic interest to entertainment and travels. "Hennes majestet Aarhønen" ("Her majesty the Black Grouse" translated) is the student association for the students belonging to the department, and it makes the daily life a bit more exciting.