Research group:

What is Building and Construction Engineering?

The research group develop systems, policies, methods, tools and techniques that are used by Norwegian and international industrial project owners, consultants, contractors and property managers. One example of this is the Concept project where research has influenced government projects in Canada, China, Germany and Denmark in their implementation of a quality assurance system.


Research at the research group Building and Construction Engineering

Viable construction
Viable construction is a main theme for the research group. The requirement of sustainability has implications on the choice of measures, in order for the investments the project represents, to secure the overall largest possible net benefits. Focus should therefore be economic, social and environmental benefits.

The research group pursues to focus in particular on the following sub-themes:

  • Early phase of projects
  • Energy Efficient construction
  • Effective construction on-site operation
  • Optimization of the construction process
  • Climate Adaptations
  • New materials

Risk and uncertainty is important factor in all of the above themes.










Our new "tailor-made" indoor test facility, jointly operated with SINTEF.