Doctoral dissertations


Anders Samstad Gylland:  Material and slope failure in sensitive clay  (12. desember 2012)

Mohammad Haj Mohammadian Baghban: Cementitious nano-composites with low thermal conductivity  (2. November 2012)

Selamawit Mamo Fufa: Nanotechnology based wood treatments: Weathering performance, reaction to fire and environmental impacts
(24. september 2012)

Tomas Levin: Developing a New Emission Model for Freight Transport - Improving the Environmental Performance of the Freight Transport Industry (6. september 2012)

Lucie Strub-Klein:  Field Measurements and Analysis of the Morphological, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Level Ice and Sea Ice Ridges (22. mai 2012)

Kjell Karlsrud:  Prediction of Load-Displacement Behaviour and Capacity of Axially Loaded Piles in Clay Based on Analyses and Interpretation of Pile Load Test Results (19. april 2012)

Tanu Priya Uteng:  Transport-related Social Exclusion: Incorporating Imperatives of Gender and Age in the Transport Planning Processes (17. april 2012)



Thor-Oskar Relander:  Airtightness of wood-frame houses  (19 desember 2011)

Ada Repetto Lamazares:  Experimental basin- and laboratory-scale studies related to ice ridges, rubble accumulations and freeze-bonds (2 desember 2011)

Ibrahim  Ahmad Mahamid:  Cost and Time Overrun in Road Construction: Magnitude, causes and cost estimating models (26 august 2011)

Samson Degago:  On creep during primary consolidation of clays  (18 august 2011)

Nicolas Serré:  Study of the rubble ice action in scale-model ice ridge impact on seabed structures  (18 august 2011)

Petra Rüther:  Wood Weathering from a Service Life Perspective  (27 juni 2011)

Morten Welde:  Essays on Cost Estimations and their Uncertainties in Transportation Projects  (23 juni 2011)

Anne Kathrine Larssen:  Buildings' Impact on Hospital Effectiveness (17 juni 2011)

Karl Merz:  Conceptual Design of a Stall-Regulated Rotor for a Deep-water Offshore Wind Turbine  (9 juni 2011)

Goce Talev:  Convective moisture transfer coefficients for porous building material surfaces – Theory, wind tunnel design and measurements  (2 mars 2011)

Vegard Aksnes:  Experimental and Numerical Studies of Moored Ships in Level Ice  (21 januar 2011 )

Raed K Lubbad:  Some Aspects of Arctic Offshore Floating Structures  (18 januar 2011)


Ephrem Taddesse:  Development of roughness and rutting prediction models using data from road databanks  (20 desember 2010)

Fabrice Caline:  Coastal sea ice action on a breakwater in a microtidal, inlet in Svalbard  (10 desember 2010)

Kenneth Eik:  Ice Management in Arctic Offshore Operations and Field Developments  (12 november 2010)

Trond Nordvik:  Geovisualization,Geometric Modelling and Displacement Analysis. Applications to Rockslide Investigations (11 nov 2010)

Jonas Holme:   Mould growth in buildings  (30 august 2010)

Kathinka L Friquin:  Charring rates of heavy timber structures for fire safety design  (12 juli 2010)

Ole M Magnussen:  Up-front assessment and quality assurance for major investment projects  (21 juni 2010)

Gunnar Deinboll Jenssen:  Behavioural Adaptation to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems  (18. juni 2010)

Kristine Nore:  Hygrothermal performance of ventilated wooden cladding (23 april & 14 mai 2010)

Ole Jonny Klakegg:  Governance of Major Public Investment Projects  (11 februar 2010)


Yangkyun Kim:  Tunnel Contour Quality Index in a drill and blast tunnel. Definition, analysis and effects (7 oktober 2009)

Gustav Grimstad:  Development of effective stress based anisotropic models for soft clays  (10 september 2009)

Jean Sébastien L'Heureux:  A multidisciplinary study of shoreline landslides: From geological development to geohazard assessment in the bay of Trondheim, Mid Norway  (27 august 2009)

Anne Torp Handstanger:  Scheduled waiting time from crossing on single track railway lines  (2 juli 2009)

Vegard Olsen:  Rock Quarrying  (3 juni 2009)

Per O Wanvik:  Road Lighting and Traffic Safety  (5 mai 2009)

Arne Gürtner:  Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Ice-Structure Interaction (25 februar 2009)

Doctoral thesis in the field of geotechnics, completed at NTNU

(formerly NTH,1997).


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