HSE E-learning course for Laboratories
(approx 45. min to take the course)

E-learning course "NTNU HSE-course" (available in English only) gives a basic introduction to common NTNU safety rules and provides an overview of general laboratory rules. The course is mandatory for all employees of BAT as well as students who are to have access to the laboratories at the Department.In addition to this course, students to have access to department laboratories will participate in laboratory training specific for the laboratory to be used in order to receive final admittance permission.  No students will have access to Department laboratories before documented completion of this course and other specific training is completed. Once the course is successfully completed a certificate will be issued and sent to registration officer who will pass this on so each participant can print out his/her own documentation of completion.

In order to participate a user link must be generated. This is done by sending a registration request, whereby you will receive your individual link that includes your user name and password. Those responsible for registration of groups can do so by sending a list. For student groups f. ex. Course groups please insert the course identity code. For group registrations: Please remember to give notice of those who have already taken the HSE course, to avoid double registrations.

Course information (course link): http://www.trainor.no/servlet/store?f=subjectinfoe&id=817&courseid=320

Registration to: daniel.erland@ntnu.no