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Our laboratories are used both for commissioned and internally financed projects at the deparment and SINTEF-Byggforsk, as well as in connection with numerous collaborative research efforts. Many students utilize these facilities also, in conjuction with project-based research tasks, their master's theses, and for doctoral level research efforts. Most of the department's laboratories and workshops are sentralized in the Lerkendal bulding on the Gløshaugen campus.

Building and materials testing

Operations are in large part, concerned with the testing of building materials, in regards to humidity, thermal insulation, solidity, air resistance, and durability. We work closely with SINTEF-Byggforsk and share the majority of our laboratories.

Driving simulator

The driving simulator is a central component in our behavioral analysis laboratory, which is also part of a national centre of expertise studying the interaction between people, vehicles and roads. The simulator is jointly operated and owned by the department and SINTEF and is an important part of our interdisciplinary teaching activities and the doctoral level research — supporting both commissioned testing as well as basic research and development.

Geotetechnical laboratories

The geotechnical laboratories have a varied and large equipment collection. Examples of said include: stand-alone equipment for routine testing; special equipment for strength testing, deformation and permeability testing; an ice and frost lab for strengh and deformation testing of ice and frozen earth; as well as facilities for conducting model experiments in various scales.

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