— Department of Civil and Transport Engineering

Developing the built environment

The research field of this department is crucial to the further development of the community’s infrastructure.The huge environmental challenges we are facing present the department with a demanding responsibility in terms of the development and dissemination of new expertise for a sustainable society.

The department conducts basic research as well as project based research in cooperation with our partners in industry and the public sector. We often engage our senior level students, allowing them to work on real-life issues and actual problems as they specialize. Each research initiatives is grounded in one or more of our 6 distict research groups, which are closely tied to the specializations in our degree programmes.

The department is a partner in the International Center of Geohazards, one of the nation's 21 Centres for Excellence. In addition we participate in several EU-based projects of varying nature.

Student participation in research

In the final sections of their study, master's degree students participate in research through project and thesis work. Students are offered their choice of assignments from the relevant projects the department is involved in at the time. As mentioned, the issues and puzzles to be solved are often tied to our partners in industry, or research institutions and environments the likes of SINTEF.

Each project thesis is required to result in new know-how, applicable to industry and commerce, and suitable for publication in discipline related journals.

Selected research projects

PetroArctic Project
Klima2000: Climate in building constructions
Global Sea Level and Changes

Research publications |  Cristin database - journal articles, books and chapters, reports, conference submissions, and more.

Dissertations and theses DIVA Academic Archive -  PhD dissertions,  and masters theses.

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