Research group:

What is Road, Transport and Geomatics?

The Road, Transport and Geomatics group engages in research and teaching concerning the planning, construction, and maintenance of the transport sector's infrastructure. This includes:

  • Transportation economics
  • Transportation analysis and modeling
  • Traffic regulation
  • Traffic safety
  • Road and highway planning
  • Road technology
  • Road construction
  • Administration and maintenance
  • Rail technology

Geomatics is a scientific term referring to acquisition, processing, analysing, storage, distribution, presentation and use of spatial information. This involves basic disciplines as mathematics, statistics and computer and information science.

 We engage in three main branches of research and activity:

  1. Cartography and geographic information sciences 
    Methods and techniques for the selection and collection of geographic data; reading, analyzing and evaluating maps; and presentation of data in a map, which also involves more or less manipulating and generalizing the data. In short, everything to do with digital maps.
  2. Geodesy
    Geodesy is the science concerned with the earth's shape and size. It encompasses precise measurement and positioning using GPS, satellite based methods for measuring variations in sea level, as well as gravitational fields and geodynamics. Geodesy, of which the surveying is part, is clearly an important basis for the activities at the department.
  3. Photogrammetry and remote sensing
    Photogrammetry uses aerophotos to calculate the shape of objects without touching them. Photogrammetry is applicable, not just to map making, but also for example, measuring example oilrig-modules in the construction phase, to make them fit each other. Remote sensing, is closely related to the photogrammetry but operates with far greater distances. There are today two important satellites used to take satellite photos, namely SPOT and LANDSAT. 

These fields have all undergone big changes the last years, mainly due to the introduction of new data technologies and satellite based methods of measurement.


Fields of research

  • Operations theory
  • Transport modeling
  • Intelligent traffic control systems
  • Development of environmentally friendly asphalt
  • Utilization of reusable materials
  • Winter operations and the effects of climate changes
  • Traffic control
  • Value analysis in road projects
  • Traffic safety audit of planned and existing roads
  • Cartographic visualization of armed conflicts
  • Temporal geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Visualizing time in map animations
  • Determination of the error-spectrum of GPS observations
  • Well-bore positions on offshore oil platforms
  • Geoidal heights determination over Iran
  • Improved Determination of Elevations from GPS
  • Global sea-level and its changes
  • Ocean Circulation between North Atlantic and the Arctic Sea
  • Photogrammetric monitoring of wear and tear

The research group advises both masters and PhD thesis and project work concerning all of these research fields.