Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies


The teaching staff at The Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour consists primarily of artists and architects. The large proportion of artists have historically not only affected the department and faculty greatly, but also contributed significantly to the development of contemporary visual arts in Norway. Historically, the department has played an important national role in the development and application of aesthetic theory in architectural education.

The Institute's academic activities include architectural and artistic activity and research. Our architects plan buildings and develop teaching materials for use in architecture education. Our visual artists regularly hold exhibitions both nationally and internationally, design building ornamentation and serve on professional advice councils. The research conducted at the department include various forms of lighting research, architecture theory, aesthetic theory, design history and the use of public art.

The department offers courses at all levels of architecture education, from introduction to doctoral level. In addition, the department offers courses for students at the Department of Product Design at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology.  We also offer courses for the all students at NTNU through our course "Drawing as a Tool for Creative and Visual Thinking."

Colour in the City Presentations

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