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The Light & Colour Group at NTNU is established at the Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies. It consists of architects, interior architects, physicists and artists. This diverse group of professionals contributes to a working atmosphere where research has crucial multidisciplinary input.

The Light & Colour Group has developed contacts with a number of academic institutions and companies in and outside Norway, which gives the advantage of a broad interdisciplinary scientific network as well as a close connection to architectural practice.

The research conducted within the group involves daylight, artificial light, colour, physics of light and colour, visual perception, and related fine art. Most of the research addresses questions with direct application in architecture, but there is also research with more basic approach.

In order to conduct rigorous scientific research, the group has developed two high quality laboratories: ROMLAB and Daylight Laboratory. Both these important assets are internationally rather unique, as there exist only very few well equipped lighting laboratories around the world.

The group members are involved in education on all levels in courses arranged for students of architecture, for other students at NTNU and for different groups of practitioners. In this the two laboratories are frequently used.

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