Research at the department

The Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies oversees fundamental coursework related to the teaching of architecture, as well as responding to questions that arise during the course of advanced or doctoral studies. The department has traditionally had special responsibility for the practical teaching of, and theoretical reflection about, the arts as related to architectural training.

Research at the department is conducted at both a basic and applied level. This involves theoretical problems in architecture, design and the aesthetic realm and culture in general, but also addresses more practical questions related to the use of art in public spaces and different approaches to using natural light and artistic lighting in designed spaces.

Current research projects:

  • Architecture – nature or culture? How nature shapes architecture as a cultural expression.
  • Tropes in architecture
  • Modern TransFORMed. The Domestication of Ideology in Norwegian Industrial Design, ca. 1940-1970
  • Icing on the Cake: An analysis of how art creates its space in public places
  • Smart daylight systems for window design at high latitudes
  • The effect of natural light on the perception of a room's dimensions
  • Visual qualities of translucent walls and roofs
  • Graphic techniques for evaluating designs using natural light

Ole Jørgen Bryn presenting book and exhibitions

APEX: Retracing the Egyptian Pyramids

– Research on the general development and anatomy of the pyramids

Associate professor Ole J Bryn has the last years done a huge research claiming that planning these large and precise buildings the Egyptians invented and developed the profession and knowledge of engineering as we know it today.
To finish a pyramide that today would be regarded as a skyscraper, a point high up in the sky, the Apex point, is an extraordinary achievement.

In the book APEX: RETRACING THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDES he presents the modern type of blueprints of the frst 32 pyramids of Egypt.
His book and different exibitions shows in theories, figures and photos the plan in a practical manner.
The book and the exhibitions was financially supported by the NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts.

To buy the book
Exhibition Nasjonalmuseet, Norway
Exhibition Tronhjems Kunstforening
Article in "Conditions 9/2011"
Article in "Sorgenfri"
Nordic Journal of Architectural Research 1/2010

Apex. Front page. Photo: Håvard Houen