Department of Biology

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Visiting address: Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget, Blokk D 1.etg.
Postal address: Department of Biology , Realfagbygget, NTNU, 7491 Trondheim
E-mail: Telephone: +47 735 96090 Telefax: +47 735 96100

Else Berit Skagen. Photo: Per Harald Olsen/NTNUHead of Department : Else Berit Skagen
Cellphone: +47 992 45 975



 Augustine Arukwe. Photo: Per Harald Olsen/NTNU1st Deputy Head of Department : Augustine Arukwe

He will focus on matters related to research at IBI. Augustine is a member of the "Research Committee" at the NT-faculty

Telephone: +47 73596265 
Cellphone: +47 99552728


Richard Strimbeck. Photo: Per Harald Olsen/NTNU 2nd Deputy Head of Department Richard Strimbeck

He will focus on educational issues at IBI.
Richard is a member of the "Education Committee" at the NT-faculty.

Telephone: +47 73551284

Hans Jacob Jakobsen. Photo: Per Harald Olsen Head of Administration : Hans Jakob Jakobsen

Hans Jakob is a member of the Faculty Board

Telephone: +47 735 96288 
Cellphone: +47905 55 286