Research at the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology's main research areas are in aquaculture, ethology, evolutionary biology, environmental toxicology, plant and animal physiology, marine biology, molecular biology, natural resource management and general ecology.

We prize interdisciplinary research and our researchers work closely with other NTNU departments, as well as with NINA, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research; SINTEF, Scandinavia's largest independent research institute; and other national and international partners, including the Norwegian Polar Institute and the International Polar Year. We regularly participate in Nordic and European research and exchange programmes. Marine research is one of NTNU's six Strategic Areas, while molecular biology is a departmental priority research area.

One of the strengths of our programme is that bachelor's and master's students are closely involved with senior scientists, project team members and PhD students in all aspects of research.


The section for Ecology, Ethology and Evolution (EEE) 
The Section for Ecology, Ethology and Evolution (EEE) comprises research groups with an international approach, working on ecological, behavioural and evolutionary issues across a broad range of animal and plant model systems.

 Academic Section for Physiology, Environmental Toxicology and Biotechnology (PEB) 
The academic section for Physiology, Environmental Toxicology and Biotechnology (PEB) covers several research areas in basal biology ranging from general physiology, ecophysiology, neurobiology, plant biology, immunology, pollution biology, population genetic, and space research. 

The Marine Science Research Group
The marine science research group is focused upon sustainable management, production and utilisation of biological marine resources.

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