Research at the Department of Biotechnology

– at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Turid Rustad, head of the Food Chemistry Division together with exchange researcher Manuel Félix. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU  

Research at the Department of Biotechnology is structured into four scientific divisions. For further details please see below.


Research Divisions


Analysis and Control of Microbial Systems

Contact Person: Kjetill Østgaard

  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Microbial Ecology

Principal Investigators: Ingrid Bakke, Kjetill ØstgaardOlav Vadstein

Biopolymers and Biomaterials

Contact Person: Berit Løkensgard Strand

  • Applications of Biopolymers and Biomaterials
  • Carbohydrate Based Biomaterials
  • Carbohydrate Structure–Function Relationships
  • Enzymatic and Chemical Tailoring of Biopolymers

Principal Investigators: Berit Løkensgard StrandBjørn E. Christensen, Catherine Taylor NordgårdFinn L. Aachman, Gudmund Skjåk-Bræk, Kjell Morten Vårum, Kurt Draget, Marit Sletmoen

Food Chemistry

Division Leader: Turid Rustad

  • Plant biomass processing
  • Preserving positive health components in fish and fish products
  • Processing and preservation of fish
  • Stability of marine lipids
  • Utilization of seaweed and rest raw materials
  • Waste water purification

Principal Investigators: Alexander Dikiy, Turid Rustad

Microbial Biotechnology

Division Leader: Helga Ertesvåg

  • Alginate Biosynthesis
  • Bioenergy
  • Controlled Expression of Genes and Pathways
  • Metabolomics, Fluxomics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Systems - Network Biology

Principal Investigators: Eivind Almaas, Martin F. Hohhmann-MarriottHelga Ertesvåg, Per BruheimRahmi Lale, Trygve Brautaset


Berit Løkensgard Strand, Deputy of Research at the Department of BiotechnologyBerit Løkensgard Strand

Deputy of Research





Instrument from the Inductively Coupled Plasma-High Resolution-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-HR-MS) Lab. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

The department has access to a broad spectrum of advanced, scientific equipment


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR lab)


Infrastructure at the NT faculty