Research at the Department of Biotechnology


The Department of Biotechnology offers a wide variety of research areas including synthetic biology, biopolymer engineering at NOBIPOL (The Norwegian Biopolymer Laboratory), microbial ecology and environmental biotechnology.


PhD Studies

Water waste treatment with PhD candidate Magdalena Gonzalez Silva Blanca. Photo: Per Henning/NTNUSupervised doctorates are the highest degrees awarded by the University for research, which is carried out under the immediate supervision of staff members. The education and training provided in these degree programmes are designed to produce graduates who have the capacity to conduct independent research that is both original and of high international quality.

PhD Programme in Biotechnology

Vacant positions at NTNU


Kjell Morten Vårum


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Research Groups

NTNU-Analysis and Control of Microbial Systems

Microbial ecology may be defined as the scientific studies of interactions and basic principles that determine the distribution and abundance of microorganisms.

NTNU-Biopolymer Engineering

NOBIPOL is a multidisciplinary research group within NTNU devoted to the field Biopolymer Engineering, with main focus on the science and technologies of marine polysaccharides, in particular alginates and chitosans.

NTNU-Synthetic Biology Engineering

Synthetic biology is an area of biotechnology research founded on engineering principles, where new biological functions or devices are designed, built, and operated in living systems, or naturally existing biological systems are re-designed for practical use.