Department of Urban Design and Planning

The Department of Urban Design and Planning is one of five departments at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts. The Department’s area of academic expertise is physical planning at the local and regional level. The Department has national and international projects in research, analysis and teaching in planning with a sustainable perspective. The Department strives to develop and professionalise physical planning as an answer to local and global environmental concerns and to the challenges of poverty mitigation.

The Department’s main focus is the education in physical planning of students of architecture and civil engineering at undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. level. The Department contributes with subjects included in the Master of Architecture and the Master in Technology. The Department has in addition two of its own Master Programmes. The first, ‘Master in Physical Planning (Master i Fysisk Planlegging MiFP) is directed at students from other disciplines, who take a two year specialisation in planning in the Norwegian context. The other, ‘Master in Urban Ecological Planning’ (MUEP) deals with urban growth and the challenge of urban poverty in the developing world. This programme enrols both Norwegian and international students.

The Department works with issues that by their very nature require both inter and cross disciplinary thinking. It is our aim to strengthen this perspective. The Department is an important source for new knowledge in urban and regional planning in the national context and is working towards further developing its international cooperation through initiatives such as the recent inclusion of NTNU as a ‘Habitat University’ of the UNCHS.

The Department has the following teaching programmes:

  • Master in Architecture (5 years programme)
    Basic/ Advanced courses and Masters dissertation in Urban Design and Planning
    Specialisation in Real Estate Development and Management
  • Master in Technology (5 years programme)
    Courses for the subject area Civil and Transport Engineering and Geomatics
    Specialisation in Real Estate Development and Management
  • Master of Urban Ecological Planning (2 year programme)
  • Master in Physical Planning (2 year programme)