Department of Architectural Design and Management


The Institute's field of study is the architectural design of all types of buildings and built environments, and associated theory and knowledge. This includes all aspects of architectural design, from the idea phase to the finished structure.

The Department is responsible for the teaching and development of relevant theories and methods related to the design process. There is an emphasis on sensitivity, theoretical understanding and analysis related to the design process, and as the basis for an architectural design solution. Good architecture results when functionality, technology and aesthetics together form a strong architectural whole of high quality.

The Institute's goal is to offer innovative and experimental teaching, research and development work.

The Department also has the chief responsibility for instruction about construction management and the management and leadership of projects.

This also includes the period after the building is completed, consisting of management, operations and maintenance, and development and architectural transformation of existing structures.

The Department’s main focus areas

1. Construction using Complex and Simple Programs

2. Housing and Settlements – National and International

3. Project and Real Estate Development

4. Environmental Aesthetics – understanding landscape and city spaces.

The Department is also responsible for a new Master’s degree in Real Estate Development and Management.


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Gløshaugen, S1, 6. floor.

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NTNU, Institutt for byggekunst, prosjektering og forvaltning
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