Frequently Asked Business Questions

- Is it possible to protect trade secrets if a product is based on an NTNU discovery or invention?
Yes, NTNU has standard contracts to protect the secrecy of results for up to 5 years. Any withholding of information that exceeds 6 months must be approved by the NTNU board of directors.

- Can we get help with recruiting student interns?
Yes, NTNU has standard contracts that companies can use.

- Can NTNU help us find find appropriate job candidates for positions at our company?
NTNU does not actually help with job recruitment per se, but a business that has student trainees or interns from NTNU will make contact with students who could be potential employees.

- What kinds of projects can we get help with through using students as a resource (projects and / or internships / summer jobs)?
One limiting factor is that a student's thesis usually takes at least one semester (six months), or sometimes a whole year. However, it is also possible to hire a student as an intern or trainee, or for a summer job. All of these are practical ways to extend the amount of time a student has to work on a project of your choosing.

- What time of year is it best to bring a business problem to the university to be solved through student projects, theses or assignments?
Students work on projects in both the autumn and the spring, while an ordinary master thesis is undertaken in the spring. Any project should be submitted from a half to a whole year in advance of when the actual project will be ready to be undertaken.

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Students solve real-world problems
There are many ways that businesses can get help from our students in solving real-world problems. "Experts in Teams" is a mandatory master's student course that brings together students from different disciplines to work on one problem. Here students are designing a waste bin for a study group called "Consumption, design, lifestyle".