Intellectual Property Rights

NTNU's statutory obligations are to conduct research, to educate and to communicate research findings. To the greatest extent possible, the results of our efforts should be shared with the rest of the world and contribute to improving society at large, along with supporting sustainable value creation in business.

NTNU is committed to creating a reliable and predictable framework for collaboration with external research and industry partners, both to ensure the relevance of our academic activities and to increase external funding. 

Our partners will find that they are given the rights they need to enable the commercial development of research findings. NTNU staff and students are committed to handling time-sensitive information properly and professionally. Additionally, NTNU's Intellectual Property Rights policy is designed to ensure university researchers' academic freedom.

See Policy for the protection and management of intellectual property rights (IPR) and physical material at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (pdf). (Norwegian original)

In line with recommendations from the European University Association, NTNU assumes that intellectual property that results from the use of NTNU resources is owned by NTNU.

To ensure the broadest possible application of our research results, the university assigns the rights to use these developments to various business and industry partners, primarily through licensing.

See also:  The Research Council of Norway's policy on Intellectual Property Rights (pdf)

For more information, contact the appropriate university faculty, each of which individually takes responsibility for managing Intellectual property.