Working with NTNU

There are many ways to build a cooperative partnership with NTNU. What follows are some suggestions to help you get started.

Make contacts
The first step to building a partnership with our scientists and engineers is to contact the appropriate faculty or department to discuss what they have to offer, both in terms of commercial potential as well as modes of industrial cooperation.

Intellectual property rights
Determining who has rights to intellectual property and results is one of the first steps in establishing a strong collaborative project. NTNU's Technology Transfer Office provides a summary of and guidelines for how NTNU handles intellectual property rights and related issues. The TTO also offers guidance and advice on policy, rights and contracts.

License NTNU technology
Sometimes good ideas just need a good home. The TTO keeps a list of breakthrough technologies and ideas that are ready for licensing.

Governmental support
The Research Council of Norway is the Norwegian government's main vehicle for supporting university and industry research and development projects, with an annual budget in 2012 of NOK 7 433 million.

One of the easiest ways to access support provided by the Research Council is through SkatteFUNN, which allows businesses to deduct up to 20 per cent of their qualified R&D expenses from their taxes. The Research Council also supports a number of funding programmes that encourage industry participation, with the ultimate goal of bringing ideas to the marketplace.

NTNU is also an active participant in a number of EU-funded research programmes. Businesses interested in building international partnerships may be able to do so in cooperation with NTNU as a part of the Eureka programme.

Building partnerships


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Turning research into reality

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