CBD project at national television (11.10.2017)
One of the recent studies from the house sparrow project that is run by CBD, recieved attention in national broadcasing, NRK. Follow this link below to see CBD-member Thomas Kvalnes talk about the exciting results from the selection experiment that has been going on for some years (in Norwegian). The paper presenting the results was published in Evolution this year. 

One year residency at the Centre for Advanced Study (19.9.2017)
Christophe Pélabon (CBD, NTNU) and Thomas F. Hansen (CEES, UiO) have obtained one year residency at the Centre for Advanced Study in Oslo in 2019-2020!


Summary of the project: Evolution by natural selection requires that organisms are evolvable. This makes evolvability, the propensity to evolve, a fundamental concept in evolutionary theory. Yet, for most of the history of evolutionary biology, evolvability was taken for granted and not itself a subject of study. Since about 1990, however, there has been a flood of research on evolvability from several perspectives, but the different interpretations and approaches that have emerged from molecular, developmental and evolutionary biology pose a challenge. In this project, we will evaluate the past 25 years of research in order to understand evolvability as one of the unifying concepts of the "extended synthesis" of evolutionary theory. We will gather researchers from different disciplines that have been instrumental in the study of evolvability to synthesize what we have learned with a special focus on the historical and philosophical context that influenced the emergence of the concept. Our goal is to unify the approaches of different research fields into a synthetic multidisciplinary research program on the potential for evolution.

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Next events

Tuesday lunch seminars
October 17th
Emily Simmons, Oxford University, will give a talkt titled "Exploring the causes and consequences of phenological change in a wild bird population"

CBD Lecture series
September 21st: Jörgen Ripa, Lund University in Sweden, will give a talk about "From stochastic environments to the evolution of intra- and inter-specific interactions -  closing the feedback loop"