Senior Personnel


Professor Johan Sjöblom
Johan Sjöblom has been Professor in surface and colloid chemistry and the Head of the Ugelstad Laboratory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim from January 1st 2002. He was earlier Professor at the University of Bergen during the years from 1988-1999, and Chief Researcher at Statoils R&D Centre in the period 1998-2001. Sjöblom has served as Adjunct Professor of Colloid Chemistry and Materials Science at Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York, and at the Technical University of Helsinki from 1992-1999.

Sjöblom is the editor of 10 books, and the author or coauthor of more than 300 professional papers. He has educated 50 PhD's and 35 MSc's.

Sjöblom is Editor-In-Chief (from 2005) for Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, and previous Editorial Board Member of Colloids and Surfaces during the period 1993-2003. Sjöblom is also a member of the Advisory Board of Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Norwegian Chemical Society, and the Finnish Chemical Society. He is also elected Member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences and the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland. Sjöblom received his PhD degree (1982) in physical chemistry from the Åbo Akademi, Finland.

Sjöblom has been an industrial consultant in colloid chemistry since 1980.


Professor Gisle Øye
Gisle Øye started as a research scientist at the Ugelstad Laboratory March 1st 2002 and was appointed Professor in 2009. His research interests are focused on colloid chemistry and interfacial phenomena within Produced Water Managament, Enhanced Oil Recovery and synthesis of nanostructured materials.

Dr. Øye received his doctoral degree at the University of Bergen in 1999. In the period 2000-2002 he worked with plasmachemical modification of porous polymers at the University of Durham (England).


Associate Professor Brian A. Grimes
Grimes has a background in mathematical modeling of electrochemical transport phenomena and transport phenomena in porous media. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2002 from the University of Missouri-Rolla under the supervision of Professor A.I. Liapis. Upon completion of his Ph.D., he obtained an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship and began his post-doc in Mainz, Germany under the supervision of Professor K.K. Unger. In 2007, he joined the Ugelstad laboratory. His current research involves constructing a multi-scale modeling framework for transport processes in colloidal dispersions which incorporated molecular and Stokesian dynamics simulations along with population balance modeling.


Associate Professor Kristofer Paso
Kristofer Paso joined Ugelstad as a Post-Doc in July of 2006. His current research interests involve developing an integrated approach to interfacial and surface processes in crude oil systems. Example systems include emulsions, catalysts, and reservoir minerals. Laboratory techniques of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and thermal gradient quartz crystal microscopy (TG-QCM) are used in the investigations. Other interests include interfacial rheology of complex colloidal and polymer systems, as well as developing an understanding of flow start-up processes in pipelines filled with gelled fluids such as wax, emulsions, and dispersions.


Adjunct Professor Wilhelm Glomm
Wilhelm Glomm joined the Ugelstad Laboratory as a Ph.D. student May 1st 2003 to participate in the project "Scientific Design and Preparation of New Catalysts and Supports". His main focus will be on design, synthesis and characterization of catalytically active particles from colloidal templates.

Wilhelm Glomm has previously worked with phase behavior of surfactant-polyelectrolyte-cosurfactant systems, and he received his Cand. Scient. on this subject from the University of Bergen in 2000. From January 2001 to April 2003, he worked as a graduate student at the Department of Chemistry, North Carolina State University, under the guidance of Dr. Stefan Franzen and Dr. Daniel L. Feldheim. His main project included design, characterization and cellular delivery of "intelligent" metallic nanoparticle drug carriers for targeted intracellular/nuclear delivery.

Following his defense June 23rd 2004, Dr. Glomm joined the Ugelstad Laboratory as a post doc., before transitioning into his current position as an Associate Professor (from April 2006). His main research interests are soft condensed matter on surfaces, plasmonics, targeted drug delivery/diagnostics, photonics and molecular spectroscopy.


Adjunct Professor Hans Oschman
Hans-Jörg Oschmann joined the Ugelstad Laboratory in October 2011 to focus on research related to flow assurance challenges, specifically the interaction between paraffin, asphaltenes and hydrates in the presence of natural and synthetic surfactants at low temperature conditions during multiphase flow transport. Dr. Oschmann joined the industry in 1998 from the German Petroleum Institute with research focused on the influence of asphaltene on paraffin crystallization. Until 2002 he was in charge of the flow assurance product line of TR Oil Services (now Clariant Oil Services) focusing on paraffin, asphaltene and hydrate mitigation strategies. After this period he joined Champion Technologies where he became section manager for flow assurance where he is responsible for all flow assurance related projects including research and development and novel technologies in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Dr. Oschmann is member of the society of petroleum engineers (SPE), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and has been serving as elected chairman of board of Ugelstad Laboratory in the period between 2002 and 2008.


Associate Professor II Martin Foss
Martin Foss has been working with the Ugelstad laboratory since 2010 and will continue until 1 January 2013 with the current funding. His work is related the multiphase flow assurance innovation Centre (FACE) where he contributed to the improved cooperation between the Ugelstad laboratory and the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE).


Professor Emeritus Per Stenius
Professor (emeritus) Per Stenius was born in 1938 in Helsinki, Finland. He graduated from Åbo Akademi (University), Turku (Åbo), Finland. He received hid Ph.D. degree from the same university and worked there as a teacher and acting professor from 1966-1977. He was the director of the Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI), Stockholm 1977-1991, and Professor of Forest Product Chemistry at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) from 1991 to April 2003. Professor Stenius was also Associate Professor at the University of Bergen, Norway, from 1997-1999. He retired as chair at HUT in 2003, but retains research activities at HUT in addition to holding an Adjunct Professorship at the Ugelstad Laboratory, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim from September 2003.

Professor Stenius is a member of the Finnish and Swedish Academies of Engineering Science as well as the Swedish Academy of Science. He has been a member of the board of several international associations in surface and colloid chemistry, and he has also served as President of the International Association of Colloid and Interface Science (1986-87), and of the European Colloid and Interface Society (1993-94). Professor Stenius has published about 320 scientific papers and edited several books in the field of applied surface and colloid science. His present research interests are in the field of surface and colloid science in forest products technology, in particular fibre surface properties, recycling of fibres, adhesion and surfactant/polymer interactions.


Dr. Sébastien Simon
Sébastien Simon has joined the Ugelstad Laboratory as a post doc in February 2006. He is now a researcher currently involved in 3 different research projects: JIP-1 (Study of petroleum emulsions), JIP-2 (determination of formation mechanism of calcium naphthenate deposits) and FACE (de-emulsification of crude oil emulsions).

He has previously worked with the study of solution and interfacial properties of amphiphilic polysaccharides under the guidance of Dr. Guy Muller, Pr. Didier Le Cerf and Dr. Luc Picton and received his doctoral degree on this subject at the University of Rouen (France) in 2003. After a research assistant position in the University of Rouen, he worked for 16 months in the French Petroleum Institute (IFP, Rueil Malmaison, France) on the determination of rheological, emulsifying and adsorption properties of the higher molecular mass components of crude oils (asphaltenes) under the guidance of Research Engineer Loïc Barré.


Dr. Bartlomiej Gawel
Bartlomiej Gawel started as a research scientist at the Ugelstad Laboratory in March 1st 2009. He is currently working on interfacial characterization of crude oils/produced water systems and studying influence of inorganic particles on the interfacial properties in the frame of the research project: Produced Water Management – fundamental understanding of the fluids.

Dr. Gawel has previously worked at Ugelstad laboratory with preparation and characterization of inorganic porous monolithic catalysts for liquid phase glucose oxidation in the frame of the TE-RENE-RES project financed by Polish-Norwegian Research Funds. He received his doctoral degree on structural characterization of the crystalline materials form X-ray powder diffraction at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, in September 2008.


Dr. Galina Rodionova
Galina Rodionova completed her master's degree in the field of Biotechnology (Wide Profile Chemistry) from the Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Russia in June 2008. She obtained her Ph.D in Chemical Process Technology (NTNU, 2011) under the supervision of Professor Øyvind Gregersen. The PhD study has been carried out within the scope of the joint project "Fiber based packaging materials: Development of innovative and sustainable barrier concepts (SustainBarrier)" initiated by the PFI, SINTEF and NTNU.

Galina joined the Ugelstad laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow in February 2012. Her research focuses on preparation and characterization of the synthetic reference fluids for crude oils and their emulsions.


Dr. Meysam Nourani
Meysam Nourani has a PhD in petroleum engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, and studied chemical and petroleum engineering at Sharif University and Tehran University. He has been in the oil industry since 1998. Also he was the director of MAPSA's core analysis laboratory since 2010 before joining Ugelstad laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow in October 2012.

The title of his PhD thesis was "Investigation of Rheological Behavior of Polymer on EOR in Carbonate Reservoir" and right now he is involved in the project titled "A Combined Surface-Colloid Chemical and Rock-Fluid Interaction Approach towards more Efficient Enhanced Oil Recovery Strategies" which he is focused more on surfactant-surface interactions.


Dr. Roar Skartlien
Roar Skartlien holds a degree of electrical engineering from Gjørvik Ingeniørhøgskole (1991), a Masters degree in Astronomy from University of Oslo (1994) and a PhD in solar physics (with computer simulations of turbulence and waves in the solar atmosphere) from the University of Oslo (1998). After postdoctorates at the University of Colorado (JILA), and at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado (HAO) on similar subjects, he moved to his present position as Senior Scientist at the Institute for EnergyTechnology, IFE. He has co-operated in research on emulsion physics and chemistry with the Ugelstad Laboratory (UL) at NTNU since 2007, with focus on computer simulations of hydrodynamic systems, including surfactant effects and emulsions.


Dr. Duo Wei
Duo Wei received her PhD in Physical Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Rong Guo from Yangzhou University in December 2012. The title of her thesis was "The interaction between hydrophilic modified ibuprofen and water-soluble polymer". Her research was focusing on the Colloid and Interface Chemistry.

Duo Wei joined the Ugelstad laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow in June 2013.


Dr. Jens Norrman
Post doc with VISTA. He obtained his PhD from Lund University in 2007. Jens was a visiting Researcher in Ugelstad laboratory in 2012-13 and is currently working as a Post doc in collaboration with VISTA on additives to heavy oils.


Ph. D. students


Ph.D. student Albert Barrabino
Albert Barrabino has a background of Chemical Engineering in the University of Barcelona in 2011. He wrote his Master Thesis "Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Particles with Control of both Pore Diameter and Particle Size" at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 2011. Albert joined Ugelstad Laboratory in January 2012 as a PhD Student under the supervision of Johan Sjöblom. His main area of research is the study of emulsions using the low field NMR technique.


Ph.D. student Karina Kovalchuck
Karina Kovalchuk obtained her master degree in Chemical Engineering at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town, South Africa) in 2011. Dissertation was a part of industrial project "Emulsion Development" sponsored by African Explosives Limited Company. Karina has a background in organic, colloid and computational chemistry. She joined the group in March 2011 and started her PhD project under supervision of Professor Brian Grimes. Her PhD work is focused on molecular dynamic simulations of liquid-liquid interfaces and interfacial mass transport in emulsion systems.


Ph.D. student Sulalit Bandyopadhyay
Sulalit Bandyopadhyay completed his MSc in Chemical Engineering from NTNU in August 2012 under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme. His master thesis project on "Biodegradable nano-clusters as Drug Delivery Vehicles" was carried out at ETH Zurich in Prof Morbidelli's group and in collaboration with Ugelstad Laboratory. He received his BChE(Hons.) degree from Jadavpur University,India in 2010. Recipient of JBNSTS and DAAD fellowships,Sulalit joined the Ugelstad Laboratory as a Doctoral candidate in August 2012. He is currently working under the supervision of Associate Professor Wilhelm Robert Glomm on "Smart and Multifunctional Core-shell Nano-particles (NPs) for Drug Delivery". His fields of interest include synthesis and characterization of nano-particles, drug delivery and molecular dynamics simulation. Topic of his Thesis : Smart and Multifunctional Core-shell Nano-particles (NPs) for Drug Delivery.


Ph. D. student Thomas Tichelkamp
Thomas Tichelkamp studied chemistry and completed his master's degree at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf in May 2012, synthesizing organic dyes for the research on nano electronics. He joined the Ugelstad Laboratory in August 2012 as a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Gisle Øye. In the context of a project on surfactant improved low salinity EOR (enhanced oil recovery) he focuses on the physical and chemical properties of crude oil/water interfaces.


Ph. D. student Birgitte McDonagh
Birgitte finished her master of science in Biotechnology at the department of Biotechnology, NTNU June 2011. The title of her Master's thesis was: "Optimalised Carbodiimide Chemistry for RGD-coupled Alginate". She started working as a PhD-candidate at the Ugelstad laboratory August 2011. The main work on her PhD is nanoparticles and modificating proteins with nanoparticles of gold. The construct's interaction with membranes will be studied in vitro and in vivo at the dept. of Circulation and Medical Imaging. Associate professor Wilhelm Glomm is her supervisor at dept. of Cehmical Engineering, and Ioanna and Axel Sandvig are her co-supervisors at the dept. of Circulation and Medical Imaging.


Ph.D. student Lalit Kumar
Lalit Kumar has done Bachelor and master degree in Chemical Engineering at Indian Istitute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) in 2004, on the topic "The liner stability analysis of single and bilayers fluid flow past a deformable soilid". lalit has background in Fluid Mechanics, Computational methods, Non-linear analysis and colloid and interracial phenomena. Before joining the group in June 2011, he has worked on different plasces including IISc Bangalore and Unilever R&D Bangalore. His PhD work is focused on mathematical modeling of restart flow of irreversible thixotropic waxy crude oil.


Ph.D. student Diego Camilo Pradilla Ragua
Diego Pradilla studied Chemical Engineering (2009) and completed his masters (2013), also in Chemical Engineering at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. His work there as part of the Process and Product Design Group, was related to the manufacture of emulsions using a multi-scale approach. He joined Ugelstad laboratory in April 2013 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Johan Sjöblom and is currently working on the study of chemical demulsification of crude-oil emulsions (Interactions between asphaltenes and model de-emulsifiers).


Technical Staff


Camilla I. Dagsgård - Laboratory Manager, Head Engineer
Camilla I. Dagsgård completed her Cand. Scient degree in Biotechnology in 2001 and has years of experience from laboratory work with analytical chemistry and microbiology. When starting to work as an engineer at Ugelstad Laboratory in 2009 she came from the quality control department of GE Healthcare. Camilla I. Dagsgård is now the Laboratory Manager of the lab.


Bicheng Gao, Engineer
Bicheng Gao finished his master's degree in Chemical Engineering at NTNU in 2010 and has worked as a lab engineer at Ugelstad Laboratory since then. He is working on both routine analyses and research projects.


May Grete Sætran, Senior Engineer
May Grete Sætran has been working as a department engineer in Ugelstad laboratory since October 2012 and is working with both routine analysis and research projects. She has been working as an engineer at the university for several years.




Professor Emeritus


Preben Cato Mørk
Professor Emeritus from 2007


Arvid Berge
Professor Emeritus from 2004


Post Docs and Researchers


Iva Kralova
- Laboratory Manager/Senior Engineer 2006-2011

Fan Yanru
- Post Doc 2007-2011

Erland L. Nordgård
- Researcher 2009-2010
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Resman

Helene K. Magnusson
- Researcher 2005-2008
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

David Arla
- Post Doc 2006-2007
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Petroleum Research

Pål Viggo Hemmingsen
- Researcher 2002-2006
- Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, StatoilHydro ASA

Judit Adam
- Post Doc 2006
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

Maria Häger
- Post Doc 2004-2006
- Career after NTNU: Sandviken, Gävle, Sweden

Marit-Helen Glomm Ese
- Researcher 2003-2006
- Career after NTNU: Research Manager, SINTEF Energy Research

Tom-Nils Nilsen
- Senior Researcher 2005
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, BYGGFORSK

Gisle Øye
- Researcher 2002-2005
- Career: Professor, NTNU

Harald Kallevik
- Post Doc 2001-2002
- Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil

Øystein Sæther
- Post Doc 2001-2002
- Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil

Linn Bergflødt
- Post Doc 2001-2002
- Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Statoil


Ph.D. students


Sina Maria Lystvet

  • Title of thesis:"Emergent properties of protein-gold nanoconstructs for biomedical applications"
  • Defense of thesis: March 14th 2013

Andreas Lynn Nenningsland

  • Title of thesis:"Extraction, Quantification and Study of Interfacially Active Petroleum Components"
  • Defense of thesis: December 17th 2012

Nils van der Tuuk Opedal

  • Title of thesis:"NMR as a tool to follow destabilization of water-in-oil emulsions"
  • Defense of thesis: September 30th 2011

Klodian Xhanari

  • Title of thesis:"Nanosized Cellulose Fibrils as Stabilizers of Emulsions"
  • Defense of thesis: January 28th 2011

Serkan Kelesoglu

  • Title of thesis:"Flow Behaviour of Water-in-North Sea Acidic Crude Oil Emulsions and Preparation of Synthetic Reference Acidic Oils and Their Emulsions"
  • Defense of thesis: December 20th 2010
  • Career after NTNU: Post Doc, Ugelstad Laboratory

Asal Amiri

  • Title of thesis:"Rheology of silica-based dispersions and Cross-sectional modelling of settling slurries"
  • Defense of thesis: October 7th 2010

Umer Farooq

  • Title of thesis:"Characterisation of crude oil-water and solid-water interfaces and adsorption/desorption properties of crude oil fractions. The effect of low salinity water and pH"
  • Defense of thesis: September 30th 2010
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Erland Nordgård

  • Title of thesis:"Model Compounds for Heavy Crude Oil Components and Tetrameric Acids. Characterization and Interfacial Behaviour"
  • Defense of thesis: September 7th 2009
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, RESMAN

Martin Smestad Foss

  • Title of thesis:"The Effect of Oil on Carbon Dioxide Corrosion Inhibition on Carbon Steel - Potential for Improved Corrosion Protection"
  • Defense of thesis: January 30th 2009
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Institute for Energy technology (IFE)

Ann-Mari Dahl Hanneseth

  • Title of thesis:"An Experimental Study of Tetrameric Naphthenic Acids at w/o Interfaces"
  • Defense of thesis: January 23rd 2009
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Statoil

Anne Siltset

  • Title of thesis:"Emulsions (w/o and o/w) of Heavy Crude Oils. characterization, Stabilization, Destabilization and Produced Water Quality"
  • Defense of thesis: November 13th 2008
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Statoil

Dorota Dudasova

  • Title of thesis:"Characterization of solid particle suspensions with organic coatings in oilfield produced water"
  • Defense of thesis: September 19th 2008
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Statoil

Simone Less

  • Title of thesis:"Mechanisms of water-in-crude oil emulsion formation, stabilization and resolution by electrostatic means"
  • Defense of thesis: June 25th 2008
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Saudi Aramco

Ingvild A. Johnsen

  • Title of thesis:"The impact of dissolved hemicelluluses on adsorption of wood resin to TMP fines"
  • Defense of thesis: October 12th 2007
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, PFI

Martin Andresen

  • Title of thesis:"Surface Modification of Microfibrillated Cellulose"
  • Defense of thesis: August 31st 2007
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Borregaard Lignotech

Martin Fossen

  • Title of thesis:"Aggregation, Interfacial Properties and Structural Characteristics of Asphaltene Solubility Fractions"
  • Defense of thesis: August 28th 2007
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Petroleum Research

Sondre Volden

  • Title of thesis:"Preparation and Characteristics of Novel Silica-Based Materials and Adsorbed Macromolecules"
  • Defense of thesis: December 19th 2006
  • Career after NTNU: Post Doc, Ugelstad Laboratory

Shukun Chen

  • Title of thesis:"Rheological Properties of Water in Oil Emulsions and Particulate Suspensions"
  • Defense of thesis: October 6th 2006
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil

Andreas Hannisdal

  • Title of thesis:"Particle-Stabilized Emulsions and Heavy Crude Oils. Characterization, Stability Mechanisms and Interfacial Properties"
  • Defense of thesis: June 15th 2006
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Aibel

Torbjørn Vrålstad

  • Title of thesis: "Synthesis and characterization of cobalt-containing mesoporous model catalysts."
  • Defense of thesis: December 2nd 2005.
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, SINTEF Petroleum Research

Øystein Brandal

  • Title of thesis:"Interfacial (o/w) Properties of Naphthenic Acids and Metal Naphthenates, Naphthenic Acid Characterization and Metal Naphthenate Inhibition."
  • Defense of thesis: June 29th 2005.
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil

Magne Kawai Knag

  • Title of thesis:"Surfactant Aggregation in Solution and on Metal Surfaces and the Impact on Corrosion Rate."
  • Defense of thesis: June 23rd 2005
  • Career after NTNU: Research Scientist, Origo-Process

Wilhelm Robert Glomm

  • Title of thesis: Preparation and Characterization of Nanosized Structures with Applications in Bioscience and Materials 
  • Defense of thesis: June 23rd 2004
  • Career after NTNU: Associate Professor, NTNU

Trond Erik Havre

  • Title of thesis: Formation of Calcium Naphthenate in Water/Oil Systems, Naphthenic Acid Chemistry and Emulsion Stability
  • Defence of thesis: November 28th& 2002
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Chemist, Origo-Process

Narve Aske

  • Title of thesis: Characterisation of Crude Oil Components, Asphaltene Aggregation and Emulsion Stability by means of Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis
  • Defence of thesis: September 23rd 2002
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil

Inge Harald Auflem

  • Title of thesis: Influence of Asphaltene Aggregation and Pressure on Crude Oil Emulsion Stability
  • Defence of thesis: August 15th 2002
  • Career after NTNU: Senior Engineer, Statoil