Extend your stay

Extend Your stay with a 2 day mini-cruise.

Remove Your jetlag by travelling to Trondheim from Bergen on the famous Norwegian Coastal Express which departs Bergen daily at 8 o'clock in the evening.  The next day You can experience some of the most stunning fjords of western Norway and briefly visit Geiranger which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  After another night on board, You can arrive in Trondheim at 8 o'clock in the morning and head straight for the conference.

The coastal express from Ålesund

There are 3 exciting ways of experiencing the fjords and valleys of western Norway by travelling on the coastal express from the tiny village of Ålesund:

  1. The Northbound coastal express takes You on a one day sightseeing tour of some of the most beautiful fjords of Norway starting and ending in Ålesund, departing at 0930 in the morning and arriving just before 1845 in the evening.  The coastal express does stop at Geiranger, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, but You cannot go ashore on this round trip.
  1. You can also journey on the Coastal express from Ålesund at 0930, disembark at Geiranger and travel by bus back to Ålesund arriving at 1800, this bus excursion is called "2A Geiranger Panorama" and details can be found below.
  1. You can also Journey on the coastal express from Ålesund at 0930, disembark at Geiranger and travel on a slightly longer bus trip to Molde arriving at 2100, this bus excursion is called "2B Geiranger with Trollstigen pass" and details can be found below.

Both bus excursions can be booked at the website of the coastal express.

You can travel to Ålesund by plane, both Norwegian and SAS fly direct from Oslo, on Friday June 7 SAS flight SK1314 departs Oslo at 0740 and arrives in Ålesund at 0835.  Norwegian flight DY402 departs Oslo at 0745 and arrives in Ålesund at 0840.  You should book a taxi by phoning (+47 70 10 30 00) in advance of Your arrival at Ålesund airport, this will allow You to travel swiftly to the coastal express and embark just in time.

By continuing Your journey on the coastal express from either Ålesund or Molde, You can reach Trondheim the next morning and head directly to the NOFOD seminar.  Otherwise, You'll have to stay the night at either Ålesund or Molde and travel to Trondheim by plane.

Be advised that travelling on the coastal express is very popular during the summer months so You should book Your trip well in advance.  Also, travelling on the coastal express after the NOFOD seminar is a bit of a hassle, as You'll have to stay 2 extra nights in Ålesund or 1 night each in Ålesund and Molde as there are no flights from Trondheim that connects with the departure of the coastal express and no flights departing to Oslo from either Ålesund or Molde late in the evening.

Coastal express website:


2A Geiranger Panorama:


2B Geiranger with Trollstigen pass:


Ålesund Taxi:







Norwegian heritage.

More than 5 million North Americans can trace their heritage to Norway.  If Your are one of these and would like to connect with Your roots and possible relatives, The Norwegian State Archives situated in Trondheim can assist You in tracing Your lineage and the area from within Norway where Your family were situated.  Information on how to proceed is available on their internet site, if you need to contact the archives directly it is strongly advised to do so well in advance of Your trip to Norway for best results.


Internet resources

Ringve museum of music history                       http://ringve.no/en/

Sverresborg museum                                http://www.sverresborg.no/english/

Hurtigruten Coastal express                    http://www.hurtigruten.us/

Geiranger                                              http://www.geiranger.no/index.php/en.html

Norwegian state Archive       http://www.arkivverket.no/eng/content/view/full/742

Avant Garden Theatre                               http://www.avantgarden.no/

Trøndelag Theatre                                      http://www.trondelag-teater.no/

Olavshallen venue                                    http://www.olavshallen.no/

Trondheim Symphony orchestra             http://www.tso.no/english/information