Norwegian University of science and Technology

Deans and Department Heads

Faculty of Humanities

Dean: Anne Kristine Børresen
Vice-dean for Research and Innovation: Britt Andersen
Vice-dean for Education and Dissemination: Svein Gladsø
Division director: John Kamsvåg


Faculty of Medicine

Dean: Björn Gustafsson
Vice-dean for Research: Pål R. Romundstad
Vice-dean for Education: Hilde Grimstad
Vice-dean of Master and Bachelor Studies: Øyvind Ellingsen
Administrative Coordinator/Chief of Strategy and Research Section: Arild Skaug Hansen

  • Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
    Head of Department: Magne Børset
  • Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children and Women's Health
    Head of Department: Marite Rygg
  • Department of Neuromedicine
    Head of Department: Lars Jacob Stovner
  • Department of Community Medicine
    Head of Department: Siri Forsmo
  • Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
    Head of Department: Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

Dean: Fredrik Shetelig
Vice-dean for Research: Annemie Wyckmans
Vice-dean for Education: Gunnar Parelius

  • Department of Fine Art - The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
    Head of Department: Florian Schneider
  • Department of Architectural Design, Form and Colour Studies
    Head of Department: Charles Alexander Booker
  • Department of Architectural Design and Management
    Head of Department: Siri Merethe Bakken
  • Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology
    Head of Department: Axel Kristoffersen
  • Department of Urban Design and Planning
    Head of Department: Judith Borsboom


Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering

Dean: Geir Egil Øien
Vice-dean for Education and Dissemination: Brynjulf Owren
Vice-dean for Research and Innovation: Bjarne E. Helvik
Faculty Director: Geir Ivar Soleng

  • Department of Computer and Information Science
    Head of Department: Letzia Jaccheri
  • Department of Electric Power Engineering
    Head of Department: Erling Ilstad
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
    Head of Department: Einar Rønquist
  • Department of Engineering Cybernetics
    Head of Department: Morten Breivik
    Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
    Head of Department: Ragnar Hergum
  • Department of Telematics
    Head of Department: Harald Øverby

Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

Dean: Ingvald Strømmen
Vice-dean for Research and Innovation: Asbjørn Rolstadås
Vice-dean for Education and Dissemination: Eilif Pedersen
Divison Director: Anne Rossvoll

  • Department of Civil and Transport Engineering
    Head of Department: Carl Christian Thodesen
  • Department of Energy and Process Engineering
    Head of Department: Olav Bolland
  • Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering
    Head of Department: Mai Britt Mørk
  • Department of Structural Engineering
    Head of Department: Karl Vincent Høiseth
  • Department of Marine Technology
    Head of Department: Harald Ellingsen
  • Department of Engineering Design and Materials
    Head of Department: Torgeir Welo
  • Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics
    Head of Department: Egil Tjåland
  • Department of Production and Quality Engineering
    Head of department: Per Schjølberg
  • Department of Product Design
    Head of Department: Casper Books
  • Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
    Head of Department: Geir Walsø


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

Dean: Anne Borg
Vice-dean for Research and Innovation: Tor Grande
Vice-dean for Education and Dissemination: Øyvind Gregersen


Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management

Dean: Marit Reitan
Vice-dean for Studies: Tanja Ellingsen
Vice-dean for Research: Torberg Falch

NTNU University Museum

Museum Director: Reidar Andersen
Division Director: Ivar Jensås
Head of research: Solveig Bakken


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