Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC)

We offer the combination of instruments and competence that you need to image biological processes from tissue level (histological studies) down to single cell-level and even on an ultrastructural level resolving single proteins. Our services include immunohistochemistry, imaging of fixed tissue or cells and live cells and processing and analysis of these images.

We have highly competent scientific and technical staff and we offer advanced microscopy facilities located at the Medical Faculty, NTNU. We are supported by NTNU, St.Olavs Hospital and Helse Midt-Norge.

CMIC is a collaboration between three different laboratories:

Publications from CMIC and CMIC users from 2010-2013 (pdf).

CMIC Seminar 28 March 2014 12-16h. in KA11

The lunch will be served in KA11 - Kunnskapssenteret.

Researchers in the field of cell biology, autophagy, inflammation, neuroscience, Alzheimers disease and cardiovascular disease will present their findings illustrated by beautiful microscopy images, ranging from confocal to EM, CLEM and FIB, at this year's CMIC seminar on March 28. You are all very welcome to join, also for the lunch right before the seminar, starting at 11.00 in Kunnskapsenter.

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Contact information

Scientific leader: Terje Espevik, prof.

Manager: Dionne Klein, PhD

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