Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC)

We offer the combination of instruments and competence that you need to image biological processes from tissue level (histological studies) down to single cell-level and even on an ultrastructural level resolving single proteins. Our services include immunohistochemistry, imaging of fixed tissue or cells and live cells and processing and analysis of these images.

Our labs

CMIC is a collaboration between three different laboratories:


Contact us

We have highly competent scientific and technical staff. It is very important to contact us at an early stage of your research project. We will inform you on how to isolate, fix and store tissue or cell samples for histology, electron microscopy or light microscopy imaging!

Manager: Bjørnar Sporsheim

Scientific leader: Terje Espevik



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Publications from CMIC and CMIC users 2012-2014 (pdf).


The Lars Onsager Lecturer 2016 is Prof. Stefan Hell from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Germany. Prof. Hell received both the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the Kavli Prize in nanoscience in 2014.

Prof. Hell's Onsager Lecture will be presented on November 2, 2016, at 11:15 in EL3.

Contact and Service Request

Bjørnar Sporsheim
Phone: +47 72836134
E-mail: bjornar.sporsheim@ntnu.no

Scientific leader
Terje Espevik
Phone: +47 72825337
E-mail: terje.espevik@ntnu.no

Mailing address
The Faculty of Medicine,
Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core Facility
Postbox 8905
7491 Trondheim

Visiting address
Kunnskapssenteret, 2rd Floor (3. etg.)
St. Olavs Hospital
Olav Kyrres gate 10
7030 Trondheim