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Global HealthGlobal health research embodies research on health problems related to challenges that particularly affect people in developing countries. The Faculty of Medicine, NTNU, has decided to increase its investment in global health. We are aware of good research, teaching and clinical activity going on in Mid Norway that is oriented towards developing countries. Many scientists in this region have active collaborations with selected institutions and individual scientists in developing countries. The faculty would like to contribute to more cooperation, networking and professional experience in this area. The seminar aims to increase this cooperation, while providing professional input and inspiration for further research.

Welcome to the Global Health Day 2015

From Ebola to Obisity - How to adress new global health challenges?

Time: 21 October, 9:00pm to 4:00pm
Place: Kunnskapssenteret, KA12 

Global health seminar - Autumn 2015

Thursday 24 September at 2.00-3.00pm, MTS11 (brain centre building, MTFS)


 - Impact of Ebola: How volume and distribution of Caesarean Sections have changed during the epidemics in Sierra Leone.
Ragnhild Molnes and Torunn Wigum Frøseth, medicine students 6.year.

 - Stroke in a district hospital in Madagascar
Pål Sigurd Stenumgård, Physician at St. Olavs Hospital

There will be time for question and discussion after the presentations. Fruit and coffee will be served.

Welcome to all!

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Adviser in global health
Elin Yli Dvergsdal

Telephone 73 59 88 68


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