NeXt Move

— A core facility for exercise, movement and neuro physiology

NeXt Move offers the combination of instruments and competence that you need to perform high quality clinical research. This involves a broad range of analyze tools involving neurophysiology, exercise physiology and movement.

NeXt Move is a collaboration between three different nodes:

We offer a broad range of services including ergospirometry with blood pressure and 12-lead ECG, force calculation, advanced 3D movement analysis with integrated EMG recordings.


From 3 January to 4 January iLab will be transitioning all of its European-based sites to a new server. During this time, NeXt Move Core Facility, Bioinformatics Core Facility, Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core Facility, Comparative Medicine Core Facility, Genomics Core Facility, MR Core Facility, and PROMEC Core will be down. On 5 January, all data and information will be accessible on the URL If you have any questions, please submit a ticket in the iLab system by clicking on the ‘leave iLab feedback’ button at the top of the screen or you can send an email to

Contact information

Scientific leader:
prof. Jorunn Helbostad

Daily manager:
Arnt-Erik Tjønna

Terms of use

When you register to use NeXtMove you accept these terms of use (pdf).

Publishing results obtained at a NTNU Core Facility.