Evaluation of Research 2010-2011

The following evaluation reports were produced at the Faculty of Medicine and St. Olavs Hospital in 2010. For more information on the internal evaluations and the Norwegian Research Council's comprehensive evaluations of Norwegian research, click here.

Click on the pictures to download each evaluation report in full (pdf).




Research Group / Evaluation unit

Faculty of Medicine

 DMF Evaluation Report (pdf)



Centre for the Biology of Memory (CBM)


CBM Evaluation Report (pdf)



Department of Neuroscience

  INM Evaluation Report (pdf)

·         Neurodegenerative diseases

·         Headache disorders

·         Mobility disorders

·         Adult psychiatry

·         Orthopedics

·         The Regional Centre for Child and Adolescent mental Health, Mid-Norway (RBUP)

·         The Norwegian EHR Research Centre (NSEP)

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging


ISB Evaluation Report (pdf)

·         Exercise Training in Health and Disease

·         Extreme Environments and Health

·         Ultrasound Innovation in Diagnosis and Therapy

·         Magnetic Resonance in Diagnosis and Therapy

·         Image guided therapy and Minimally

·         Invasive Interventions [1]

·         Cardiovascular Clinical and Translational Science

Department of Public Health and General Practice

 ISM Evaluation Report (pdf)

·         Epidemiology

·         Health services research

·         General practice

·         Community health and social medicine

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children's and Women's Health

LBK Evaluation Report (pdf)

·         Clinical pharmacology and toxicology

·         Tumor Biology Research group

·         Gynecology

·         Obstetrics

·         Neurodevelopmental disorders and brain imaging

·         Clinical microbiology and infectious disease[1]

Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

IKM Evaluation Report (pdf)

·         Group for the study of DNA repair and genome stability

·         Opioids, Symptom Management and Palliation

·         Group for the study of immunology and hematological cancer

·         Group for the study of gastroenterology

 [1] SINTEF included