Doctoral Studies (PhD) at The Faculty of Medicine

The PhD programme is a three-year organized training programme aiming to train independent researchers on an international level in interaction with national and international research environments.

The PhD training programmes aims to satisfy current and future needs for competence within research, development, guidance and teaching at universities, other public and private institutions, enterprises and organizations.

NTNU offers a large number of PhD programmes. The Faculty of Medicine offers researcher training through PhD programmes either alone or in cooperation with other NTNU faculties.

The Faculty of Medicine also offers researcher training (PhD) in collaboration with international institutions through cotutelle agreements . Cotutelle is an agreement on joint supervision on the doctoral degree level. The programme originated in France, hence the term cotutelle (as in co-tutoring). Such agreements can be entered into between the two cooperating institutions, the PhD candidate and the candidate's supervisors. The cotutelle agreement regulates enrolment, supervision and the evaluation of the candidate's doctoral degree dissertation. A cotutelle agreement must always be entered into on the individual level, but institutional agreements can also be made on cotutelle cooperation. The candidate receives a diploma from each of the institutions.

The PhD training includes three years of fulltime studies, including a training component amounting to 30 study credits. It consists of practical research under supervision, which then leads to a research result in the form of a doctoral dissertation. A doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine normally consists of published sub-studies that are presented together under a written work combining these studies together into a whole.

PhD programmes at The Faculty of Medicine

A programme board has been established for each programme. This board has the academic responsibility for the programme and assesses applications for admission.

The Faculty of Medicine offers the following PhD programmes:

PhD Community Medicine
PhD Neuroscience
PhD Molecular Medicine
PhD Medical Technology
PhD Health Science
PhD Clinical Medicine
PhD Palliative Care
Joint PhD Behaviour and Health

Updated Wed, 17 Dec 2014 15:25:01 +0100

New: PhD in Medicine

From the 1 January 2015 The Faculty of Medicine will offer a PhD programme in Medicine.

The new PhD programme will replace the following PhD programmes: PhD in Public Health, PhD Neuroscience, PhD Molecular Medicine and PhD Clinical Medicine.

All applicants that are admitted after 1 January 2015 will be a part of the PhD programme in Medicine. The change will not have any practical consequences applicants.

The PhD programme in Medicine covers a wide range of sub-disciplines and the research training and courses will be customized to meet the individual needs of the candidate and the project.

The PhD programmes in Medical Technology, Palliative Care and Health Sciences will not be affected by the change.

Already a PhD candidate?

If you already are a a PhD candidate at The Faculty of Medicine, the change will not have any practical consequence for your further doctoral education. You can choose whether you want a Doctorate in Medicine or within the PhD programme you were