Student Counselling

You are always welcome to ask the student counsellors at the Faculty of Medicine for guidance and advice. We can answer your questions about courses and programmes, and provide guidance on personal issues that may affect your studies.

You can either come to our offices, or contact us by email or telephone:

Visiting address: MTFS building, Olav Kyrres gate 9 (ground floor)
Telephone: + 47 72 82 07 00

For questions about application procedures and admissions, please contact the Office of International Relations.

Student Counsellors at the Faculty of Medicine:

Sigrid Wold
+47 73 59 87 39

Gro Neergård
+47 73 59 87 61

  • PhD programmes
  • Student exchange (courses at PhD level)

Jannicke Gjølme Eriksen
+ 47 73 59 87 55

  • Student exchange (medicine / English Semester)

Lars Trovatten Grønflaten
+ 47 73 59 01 40

  • MSc in Public Health - specializing in Global Health

Ida Marie Bruun Jacobsen

  • Experts in Teamwork
June Larsen
  • MSc in Exercise Physiology and Sport Sciences
  • MSc in Molecular Medicine
  • MSc in Neuroscience
  • Student exchange (courses at master's level)
  • Student exchange (courses at bachelor's level)

If you have problems related to studies, making friends, family matters, depression, anxiety or perhaps life itself, you can also contact the SiT Health Services. They can provide counselling and psychological services for students in Trondheim.

Special Needs?

NTNU aims at securing access to the university for all students. The Disability Office is responsible for advising students that need adaption of studies and examinations at NTNU. They also give students information about matters such as public services and needs assessment.

You can also ask the student counsellors at the Faculty of Medicine for guidance.

For more information about accessibility, visit the webpage of the Disability Office.