For the studies on dementia, Dr. Sigrid Botne Sando has collected samples from over 600 patients, over 400 of of whom have Alzheimer's disease, and from over 600 controls. The patients have been examined clinically and classified according to internationally-accepted criteria. The Alzheimer samples have undergone comprehensive microarray studies in the USA.

Similarly, Prof. Jan Aasly has collected samples from over 700 patients with Parkinson's disease and over 1000 controls.

We are indebted to all patients and their families who have contributed to the project so far.

Contact information

Project leader/ coordinator:
Professor Linda R. White , PhD

Clinical Leader:
Geir Bråthen, MD PhD
Department leader

Research leader: Alzheimer's disease
Sigrid Botne Sando , MD PhD
Senior Consulting Neurologist

Research leader: Parkinson disease
Professor Jan Aasly , MD PhD