Research is expensive and we are most grateful to all who have contributed financially to the project so far, regardless of the size of the contribution:

Norwegian Research Council whose support started the project and currently supports through NevroNor
Norwegian Parkinson Society: experimental studies and equipment
Parkinson Disease Foundation (USA): experimental studies
SINTEF Unimed's Research Fund: MR-studies
Odd Fellow Medical and Scientific Research Fund: chemical supplies
Martinsen's Commemorative Fund: support for equipment
Civitan Norway: Research Fund for Alzheimer's disease, chemical and patient costs
Unger-Vetlesen Medical Fund: research grant to Mathias Toft for research abroad
Norwegian Research Council: overseas grant to Mathias Toft
Norwegian Research Council : travel grant to Amela Felic
Fulbright Foundation: travel grant to Kristoffer Haugarvoll



Contact information

Project leader/ coordinator:
Professor Linda R. White , PhD

Clinical Leader:
Geir Bråthen, MD PhD
Department leader

Research leader: Alzheimer's disease
Sigrid Botne Sando , MD PhD
Senior Consulting Neurologist

Research leader: Parkinson disease
Professor Jan Aasly , MD PhD