Teaching methods and activities

— Experienced-based learning

EiT is based on the method of learning by doing
This means that as an EiT student you will gain your own experience with interdisciplinary cooperation.

Then you should reflect on and learn from this experience to make you better prepared to deal with the challenges you will face in working life.

The reason why experienced-based learning is the basis of EiT is that "the students should apply their academic learning" and "development of teamwork skills" are both based on action. You cannot fully obtain action-based competence without practice.

What is expected of the students in EiT?
In EiT you take part in an interdisciplinary team, and at the end of the semester (or intensive period) your team will hand in a project report and a team process report. The team gets one joint grade where both reports count for 50 percent.

Project report:
Your team will perform a project addressing a real-life issue, faced by the public or private sectors, in which all members can contribute with their professional skills. The project report presents the results of the team's project.

Team process report:
Your team should reflect on how the behaviour of the team members affects the group dynamics and the performance of the team. Based on the reflections you should put forward actions to improve the project cooperation. The team process report should describe how the team process has influenced the work on the project, and what the team has learned about social interaction in a multidisciplinary team.

Since the team's end results are two different reports it is often said that EiT is comprised of a "project part" and a "team process part". Although this is correct to some extent, it is important that students taking EiT understand that the project work and the team cooperation are two sides of same coin.

First, since you and your team members take action to improve cooperation during the project work, it will result in achieving better quality in the project.

Second, it is through the work on the project that you will obtain your own experience from interdisciplinary teamwork that you can reflect on and learn from. This is therefore a prerequisite for the development of teamwork skills.

In EiT you will be working with students from other fields of study at NTNU.



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