Background and activities

I have been engaged part-time at HUNT Research Centre since 1994, but had in 1989-90 a shorter engagement  performing a study on eduction of children with asthma and their parents. I have been prosject leader of the Lung Study in HUNT 2 and 3, have also been in charge of education and follow-up over the technicians, data collection and quality assurance for the Osteoporosis Study. I have been a member of HUNT 3 management group, was leader of the HUNT3 Questionnaire group, and have since 2007 been  Quality Leader of  HUNT Databank.

Otherwise I work as a general practitioner at Høvdinggården Legekontor, Steinkjer (

Research areas: Epidemiology of obstructive lung diseases, lung function, use of medcation and influence on bone mineral density, osteoporosis, quality in primary health care


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Department of Public Health and General Practice Norwegian University of Science and Technology Postboks 8905 7401 Trondheim Norway