Asbjørn Rolstadås

Professor. Vice Dean for Research IVT faculty administration Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

+47 73593785 +47 90793707
S. P. Andersens veg 5, Valgrinda * 2365B

Background and activities


Asbjørn Rolstadås is professor of Production and Quality Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Vice Dean for research at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. His research covers topics like numerical control of machine tools, computer-aided manufacturing systems, productivity measurement and development, computer-aided production planning and control systems and project management methods and systems. He has published more than 280 papers and 20 books in these fields.

Rolstadås has about 35 years of experience from education, research and consulting in project management. He has done studies of project execution of some major governmental projects, mainly within development of oil and gas in the North Sea. He has done research on risk analyses and contingency planning in cost estimates, and developed training courses in project planning and control using e-learning technology. He has been managing large national projects involving cooperation between industry and academia, and he has experience from managing complex, international research projects.

He is former president of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences (NTVA) and member of The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences (DKNVS),  the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the European Academy of Industrial Management (AIM). He serves on the editorial board of number of journals, and is the founding editor of the International Journal of Production Planning and Control. He is honorary member and past president of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), and is the initiator of the IFIP working group WG5.7 on Production management. He is honorary member of the Norwegian Computer Society (data).

Recent Research Projects  

  • Understanding Success and Developing Management Leadership on International Mega-Projects (Research cooperation between NTNU, UC Berkeley and Statoil) (2010 - 2011)
  • IMS 2020 - Supporting Global Research for IMS2020 Vision  (EU-project) (2008 - 2011)
  • TARGET - Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT (EU-project) (2008 - 2011)
  • PRIME - Providing Real Integration in Multi-disciplinary Environments (EU-prosjekt) (2005 - 2008)
  • PROMISE - Product Lifecycle Management and Information Tracking using Smart Embedded Systems (EU-project) (2004 - 2008)
  • GEM - Global Education in Manufacturing (EU/IMS-projectt) (2002 - 2004)

Member Editorial Board of Scientific Journals

Recent publications - books/book chapters

Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Hetland, Per Willy; Jergeas, George; Westney, Richard.: Risk Navigation Strategies for Major Capital Projects - Beyond the Myth of Predictability. Springer 2011 (ISBN 978-0-85729-593-4). Springer Series in Reliability Engineering.

Rolstadås, Asbjørn: Praktisk prosjektstyring, 5. utgave. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2011 (ISBN 978 82-519-2757-4)

Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Andersen, Bjørn; Fradinho, Manuel.
E-Learning for SMEs: Challenges, Potential and Impact. Chapter in: E-Business Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs: Driving Competitiveness. IGI Global 2011 (ISBN 9781616928803) pp 46-64 

Rolstadås, Asbjørn.: Applied Project Management - How to Organize, Plan and Control Projects. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2008 (ISBN 978-82-519-2287-6) 

Kiritsis, Dimitris; Moseng, Bjørn; Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Røstad, Carl Christian.: PROMISE Product lifecycle management and information tracking using smart embedded systems. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2008 (ISBN 978-82-519-2370-5) 

 Rolstadås, Asbjørn: Time and Cost. Chapter in Morris and Pinto: The Wiley Guide to Managing Projects, pp 781- 804. Wiley 2004 (ISBN 0-471-23302-1) 

Recent publications - journal papers

Olsson, Nils; Krane, Hans Petter; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
An empirical analysis of project risk in a time perspective. International Journal of Project Organisation and Management 2011 ;Volum 3.(1) pp 36-56

O'Sullivan, David; Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Filos, Erastos.
Global education in manufacturing strategy. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 2011, Volum 22.(5) pp 663-674 

Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
Experience from continuing education using e-learning. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 2011

Krane, Hans Petter; Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Olsson, Nils.
How Project Manager – Project Owner Interaction Can Work within and Influence Project Risk Management. Project Management Journal 2011

Fouché, Deon Paul; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
The use of performance measurement as a basis for project control of offshore modification oil and gas projects. Production planning & control (Print) 2010; Vol 21.(8) pp 760-773 

Henriksen, Bjørnar; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
Knowledge and manufacturing strategy - how different manufacturing paradigms have different requirements to knowledge. Examples from the automotive industry. International Journal of Production Research 2010 ;Vol 48.(8) pp 2413-2430 

Krane, Hans Petter; Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Olsson, Nils.
Categorizing Risks in Seven Large Projects-Which Risks Do the Projects Focus On? Project Management Journal 2010;Vol 41.(1) pp 81-86

Olsson, Nils; Krane, Hans Petter; Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Veiseth, Mads.
Influence of reference points in ex post evaluations of rail infrastructure projects. Transport Policy 201;Vol 17.(4) pp 251-258

Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Dolinsek, Slavko: Global Education in Manufacturing: Basic Framework, Industrial Survey and Possible Implementation. Managing Global Transitions International Research Journal 2006;4(3) pp 261-278 

Rolstadås, A: GEM – A Curriculum in Manufacturing Strategy Responding to the Needs of Industry. Euroteh Journal 5/2004 – Thematic Part – Education for Engineering (pp 8-12) 

Hunt, I, O'Sullivan, D, Rolstadås, A, Horan, M, Precup ,L: Survey of Manufacturing Curricula from Around the World, International Journal of Production Planning and Control, Vol 15, No1 , pp 71-70  

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