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  • Brattheim, Berit Johanne; Faxvaag, Arild; Tjora, Aksel. (2012) Communally-Based Evidence in the Emerging Practice of Aorta Implant Surgery. Evidence-Based Healthcare in Context Critical Social Science Perspectives.
  • Brattheim, Berit Johanne. (2009) Inter-Institutional Care Process: Scenarios to Capture Demands for Workflow Support. Medical Informatics in a United and Healthy Europe - Proceedings of MIE 2009.
  • Brattheim, Berit Johanne; Karlsen, Ero Stig; Landmark, Andreas D.; Toussaint, Pieter Jelle. (2009) Trans-organizational care processes: the need for a shared information space. SHI2009 Proceedings 7th Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics.