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Department of Art and Media Studies Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway

Bjørn Rasmussen


Background and activities

Professor Bjørn Rasmussen




Theatre as formation (bildung). Research in Arts didactics. NTNU/ Høgskolen I Bergen . Teacher education department (2009-2014)

Theatre and demokracy. National coolaboration on drama education research. With: Professor Rikke Gjærum Gürgens, Harstad professor Stig Eriksson, Bergen, and national associatives (2013-2017)

Perfomativity, arts based research and methodology (2009-

MYE PÅ SPILL’(A lot at stake). Education (Bildung) through expressionist theatre methods  1997-2004. Book project 2012-2014 with Børge Kristoffersen.



Drama Education, Performativity and drama, Pragmatic aesthetics and epistemology, Theory/Practice-relation in university grades and teaching, Modernism and applied drama/theatre, art as research, drama therapies



All akademic subjects related to drama education, applied theatre, performance, dramaturgy

Practical teaching: Role playing, Prosess drama, improvisation, Rythm, Psychodrama


Professional duties

Head of deparment (1991-92, 2005-2009)

University mentor (2005-2009)

Postdoc. mentor  (2010-2012)





Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Rasmussen, Bjørn Konrad; Kristoffersen, Børge. (2011) Handling og forestilling-forestilling om handling. Jacob Levy Morenos teaterekspresjonisme og sosiatri. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2011. ISBN 978-82-519-2780-2.
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