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Background and activities


Carl Haakon Waadeland (b.1952):

Drummer and percussion player; professor of music performance, with special focus on jazz and music technology; PhD in music with the thesis "Rhythmic Movements and Moveable Rhythms – Syntheses of Expressive Timing by Means of Rhythmic Frequency Modulation" (NTNU, 2000); Master´s degree in mathematics (University of Trondheim, 1977).

Head of the Programme in music technology, NTNU, 2003-2011; head of Section of jazz education, Department of music, NTNU, 2006-2007.

Teaches drum set, rhythm and music technology. Supervisor of PhD students and fellows in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. Involved in several research projects related to empirical investigations of rhythm performance, with a special focus on relations between rhythm and movement and connections between timing and sound. Has also interest in models synthesizing rhythm performance. Is, moreover, engaged in an artistic research project based on music technology: T-EMP: Trondheim ensemble for Electro-acoustic Music Performance.

Has participated on a large variety of recordings and tours with artists and bands like Dadafon, Anne-Lise Berntsen, Trygve Brøske, Andreas Aase, Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band, Hulder Bulder, Siris Svale Band, Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet, Halvdan Sivertsen, Terje Tysland, Warne Marsh, Kenny Wheeler, Gary Holton & Casino Steel, Annbjørg Lien, Henning Sommerro, Bjørn Alterhaug, John Pål Inderberg, Knutsen & Ludvigsen, Mikis Theodorakis and Arja Saijonmaa.

Published a book and CD where a unique and exciting Norwegian drum tradition, "trommeslåtter", is presented, with musical notation, and historical and pedagogical comments, "Trommeslåtter – en trommeslagers skattekiste" (Norsk Musikforlag AS). Released a CD, "Din råta tjuv – groovy interactions with trommeslåtter", where rhythmic and thematic material from trommeslåtter is used as basis for grooves and contemporary musical improvisation (Heilo/ Grappa).

Selected recordings:

Carl Haakon Waadeland: Din råta tjuv – groovy interactions with trommeslåtter, Heilo/Grappa, 2008

Anne-Lise Berntsen & Eisler Ensemble: Death, Øra fonogram, 2010

Anne-Lise Berntsen og Trygve Brøske Ensemble: Ohne Sentimentalität, Øra fonogram, 2008

Dadafon: Visitor, Via music, 2002

Siri´s Svale Band: Blackbird, Sonor Records, 1990

Gary Holton & Casino Steel: Gary Holton & Casino Steel, Continental Consult, 1981

Bjørn Alterhaug: Moments, 1978, new release: Sonor Records, 2005

Selected publications:

Waadeland, C. H. (2011). Rhythm performance from a spectral point of view. In A. R. Jensenius, A. Tveit, R. I. Godøy & D. Overholt (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (pp. 248–251). University of Oslo.

Waadeland, C.H (2006). The influence of tempo on movement and timing in rhythm performance. I: Proceedings of 9th international conference on music perception and cognition. : Bologna University Press 2006 ISBN 88-7395-155-4. pp. 45-46

Waadeland, C.H (2006). Strategies in empirical studies of swing groove. Studia Musicologica Norvegica(32) pp. 169-191

Waadeland, C.H. (2003). Analysis of Jazz Drummers' Movements in Performance of Swing Grooves – A Preliminary Report. Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference, August 6-9, 2003 (SMAC 03), Volume II (573-576). KTH, Stockholm. ISBN 91-7283-559-1

Waadeland, C.H. (2001). "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing" – Simulating Expressive Timing by Modulated Movements. Journal of New Music Research 30(1), pp. 23-37.

Waadeland, C.H. (1991). Trommeslåtter- en trommeslagers skattekiste(book+MC). Trondheim: TIMA Forlag. New release 2008: Norsk Musikforlag A/S: Book+CD.

Danielsen, A, Waadeland, C.H, Sundt, H.G. (2008). Identifying Timing by Sound: Timbral Qualities of Micro-Rhythm. I: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition.ICMPC10, Sapporo, Japan, 2008, ISBN 978-4-9904208-0-2. p. 74

Petrini, Karin; Pollick, Frank E; Dahl, S; McAleer, P; McKay, L; Rocchesso, Davide; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Love, Scott; Avanzini, Federico; Puce, Aina (2011). Action expertise reduces brain activity for audiovisual matching actions: An fMRI study with expert drummers. NeuroImage; Volum 56(3) pp. 1480-1492


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CD: Din råta tjuv - groovy interactions with trommeslåtter

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Artistic productions

  • Engum, Trond; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Åse, Tone. (2014) Konsert Art of Record Production. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Julekonsert på Ringve Museum med Hulder Bulder. Jul med Hulder Bulder
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  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konsert under Olavsfestdagene med Bom Basker. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konsert under Olavsfestdagene med Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konsert under Parkenfestivalen, Bodø, med Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konserter med Hulder Bulder 2014 (flere enkeltstående). null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konserter med Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band 2014 (flere enkeltstående). null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Konserter på Rockheim med Hulder Bulder. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Septemberturné med Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band. null
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Trommeslåtter på Det Norske Bibliotekmøte 2014. Trommeslåtter
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Trommeslåtter ved Immatrikulering 2014. Trommeslåtter
  • Waadeland, Carl Haakon. (2014) Turné Jul med Hulder Bulder. Jul med Hulder Bulder
  • Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Engum, Trond; Wærstad, Bernt Isak; Åse, Tone; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Killingtveit, Arnfinn; Moss, David. (2013) T-EMP at Rockheim, 2013. null