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  • Chinga, Carla Macarena. (2011) Immigrant youth in transition: Collectivistic orientations in an individualistic school culture. Results from a pilot study. NERA's 39th Congress - Rights and Education . NERA; Jyväskylä, Finland. 2011-03-09 - 2011-03-12.
  • Chinga, Carla Macarena. (2011) Immigrant youth in transition: How do Skandinavian teachers reflect upon immigrant students in upper secondary school?. International conference . 7th International Citizenship conference; Emory University, Atlanta. 2011-05-12 - 2011-05-14.
  • Chinga, Carla Macarena. (2011) Kulturmøter: Hvordan endres identiteten? Et sosiokonstruktivistisk perspektiv. Forelesning . Master i Samfunssfagsdidaktikk, PLU, NTNU; NTNU, Trondheim. 2011-11-09 - 2011-11-09.

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