Background and activities

Unit of Molecular Biology - Research group for DNA Repair and Genome Stability/The APIM group

What I do:

I am part of Marit Otterleis’ research group, the APIM group. Research done in this group led to the development of a new anti-cancer drug, called ATX-101, which may potentiate the traditional chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer. Our group studies, among others, the mechanisms and mode of action of this drug. My main project is to use bladder cancer cell lines and animal models to study if this new drug can improve the efficacy of the current chemotherapeutic treatment of bladder cancer


2012-d.d: Engineer – NTNU

Area: Cancer research

Tasks: Molecular biological methods such as cell cultivation, cell survival assay, confocal imaging, western blotting, animal experiments, RNA isolation etc.

2011-2012: Engineer – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

Area: Genetics

Tasks: Molecular biological methods such as PCR, DNA isolation, capillary electrophoresis   and analysis of microsatellite markers.


2007-2012: Master of Technolocy in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


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