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  • Catuneanu, Octavian; Abreub, Vitor; Bhattacharya, Janok P.; Blum, Michael D.; Dalrymple, Robert W.; Eriksson, Patrick G.; Fielding, Christopher R.; Fisher, William L.; Galloway, William E.; Gibling, Martin R.; Giles, Katherine A.; Holbrook, John M.; Jordan, Robert R.; Kendall, Christopher G. St.C.; Macurda, Bradford; Martinsen, Ole Jakob; Miall, Andrew D.; Neal, Jack E.; Nummedal, Dag; Pomar, Luis; Posamentier, Henry W.; Pratt, Brian R.; Sarg, J. Frederick; Shanley, Keith W.; Steel, Ronald J.; Strasser, André; Tucker, Maurice E.; Winker, Charles D.. (2009) Towards the standardization of sequence stratigraphy. Earth-Science Reviews. vol. 92 (1-2).

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